A word that later becomes a promise can change the course of your life forever. For great men of God have moved in faith and have assumed the call, trusting in a word they received from God. Remember that God is not human to lie or repent (Numbers 23:19).

Many times the Lord gives us promises that we do not cling to, and if we only began to do so, we would see wonders happen in our lives. Today I invite you to check out, possibly in your notes, for something that the Lord has spoken to you in an International Conference, that message, that talk or ministry that was powerful, but that you let sleep and turn off.

It is time to take up those promises, to believe with all your heart and to wait for the new that God is about to give you in this 2022 G12 International Conference, whose name “Anointing of Multiplication” will be a reality this year for your family and ministry.

Pastors like Julián and Fanny Flechas are an example of having believed the Lord, even when they did not see things happening, they clung to a promise and the G12 Vision that God gave us and ran in faith. Today they can give testimony of the multiplication that their church has had in MCI Mosquera, Cundinamarca.

Find out here his testimony and what God has done in his life, family and ministry.

It is the time for you to live the promise of God in your life and hold on to the word that God has prepared for you this year!