We want to invite you to watch this vlog by Ps Angela Sanchez, in which she encourages us to immerse ourselves in the spirit that the Lord is bringing to our church. It is a spirit of restoration, restitution and fruitfulness that will bring a great revival to the nations of the earth. If there is no rain there is no harvest, and we all need to prepare our land, so that when the rain of a new anointing comes we will be ready to care for what the Lord wants to entrust us with!

We will receive a powerful anointing that will allow us to be part of this revival at our International Conference The Great Harvest 2024. We will witness how the Lord will transform lives and bring blessing upon those who seek Him. All you have to do is join us for this time of of spiritual growth and renewal. It is your opportunity to receive the anointing and be part of something great that God has ready for you. 

You are about to experience and live the great promise that the Lord will bring in this time. It is the time for the former and latter rain, the time of provision, joy and anointing to transform the nations of the earth. How exciting! So, get ready to receive everything that the Lord has reserved for you!