As we begin this new year, full of expectations, dreams and goals, it is important to understand that we must be renewed, with new strength and filled with God’s joy to conquer each challenge that may come.

We invite you to watch this video blog by Ps. Sara Castellanos, Pastor of MCI (International Charismatic Mission) Bogota – Colombia. In this video, she motivates us to open our hearts to receive the new that comes from the Lord. This conference will bring not only a fresh anointing, but also a new wine from God. This time will renew you and remove from your life the old nature that stopped you from seeing the blessings of God upon your life. Through this conference you will experience becoming a new wineskin, ready and willing to pour the best wine. The wine that the Lord has reserved for you!

Joy is coming in all areas, the Time of the Great Harvest is coming.

Don’t be left out!

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